A Most Difficult Decision

In my younger years, I recall the excitement of the grocery cereal aisle.  To my seven year-old self, this was joy indescribable.  So many different shapes, colors, flavors!  All loaded with crates of sugar and waiting to be teamed with Saturday morning cartoons.  And of course the toy, hiding somewhere in the bottom of the box, to be discovered immediately once home.  How my parents ever touched the stuff after my grubby paws had dug through the box I’ll never know.
More than a few decades later, I’ve found another location that evokes similar memories and rituals – the local liquor store.
The different shapes, colors, and flavors hiding inside those gleaming glass bottles, rows upon rows of new flavors yet discovered, or old favorites that evoke memories both good and bad.  So many choices, even choices within choices! 
I have recently found my bar standing lonely without scotch, a problem necessitating replenishment. 
So following my day’s labor, I stand in slow contemplation so as to make a most difficult decision: whether to abandon the safe path of old favorites – Glenlivet and Talisker – and instead choose a new flavor not yet tasted.  And this new choice has been narrowed to two yet explored paths: Balvenie’s Founders Reserve or Glenmorangie’s Nectar d’Or.
Perhaps this too was the predicament of Joseph Addison, great man of letters, when he professed, “amidst the soft variety, I’m lost.”

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