The Morning Cocktail

Rising late on a Saturday morning and taking the time to start the day with the newspaper and a drink is one of life’s simpler pleasures.  A morning cocktail suggests a European laissez faire attitude towards the day, liberation from one’s professional constraints; a bold proclamation of the absence of schedule.

In years past drinking before the noon hour has long been frowned upon as the mark of excess.  Those partaking before mid-day either had too much the night before or a larger problem altogether.  However, the of-late popularity of weekend brunch and Mad Men has begun weakening this long held stigma. 

Outside the office a single malt for breakfast might still raise eyebrows.  Bloody Marys have all too obviously signified the discomfort following overindulgence.  The feminine staples – Mimosas and Bellinis – are far too sweet.  Other than coffee (black coffee, or espresso if one is so inclined), is there not a suitable beverage to appropriately begin the weekend?

A friend’s recent suggestion provided a solution to this quandary – adding a bit of champagne to his glass of red wine.

This mixture was a curiosity.  Other publications have advocated for a glass of wine with breakfast, but the thought of combining the two was indeed novel.  The champagne’s sweetness complimented the red’s bold and substantive taste.  Most importantly, it felt like a morning drink; light but full, sweet but not overpoweringly so.  It greets the morning gracefully, much like first light through partially drawn curtains.  Hazy yet renewing.

The only reference founded named the drink Royal Plush: half red burgundy, half champagne, served in a Collins glass on the rocks.  I prefer it with just a splash or two of champagne rather than the full fifty percent – it’s just a bit more potent.

So whip one up this weekend after a good long rest.  Then cancel your lunch plans, finish reading the paper, and take a walk.  Then consider starting your day.

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