Friends of Number Four

Ordinarily one drink is perfectly suitable for any particular evening.  A drink is a pleasant method of concluding one’s business when arriving home.  This drink firmly states the work day has ended and dinner is soon.  On such occasion when one will not do, two is certainly acceptable; especially when the workday encroaches into evening.

But what of those times when the second is joined by a third or perhaps fourth drink?  Drink Number Four is a unique fellow – infrequent visitor of weekends, encouraging both hilarity and misbehavior.  Yet how do these troublemakers, these fourth drinks, continue to crash even the most proper setting?  What would invite such bad actors to gather with such gentlemen as former colleagues and old friends?

A break in summer weather, when the air is dry and cool, is a such invitation to Number Four.  One drink enjoyed outdoors on a warm summer evening encourages another.  Once two and three are present, four isn’t far behind.  When luck grants such weather on a weekend, this may as well be predetermined.  And a freshly cut cigar – recently selected from the humidor, smoothly and slowly drawn to burn evenly and steadily – encourages Number Four’s impending appearance.  Especially if his predecessors are Scottish.

And following his surreptitious but welcomed arrival, only scant evidence is left of his attendance.  Yet there is, without doubt, one sure indication as to whether you have indeed befriended Number Four: an empty bottle.

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