On Aperitifs, Part 2

Versatility is an interesting factor to consider when selecting an aperitif.  Most drinks categorized as such are rightfully taken prior to the meal.  Yet one drink stands alone as first among equals when discussing aperitifs and versatility, and may be poured before, during, or after dinner, or even as a stand-alone drink to enjoy on its own.

Lillet, the French fortified wine, is a particularly unique beverage.  In addition to being drunk (traditionally) before and (quite appropriately) during dinner, it may compliment more traditional spirits such as gin, as Mr. Bond prefers.  Truly, it may be consumed at any point during the day.  I have found a small glass to be a welcome substitute for an ordinary cup of coffee – on weekends, of course.

Lillet White, served ice-cold as the label dictates, is quite distinct.  Its semi-sweetness is slightly fuller and more complex than most white wines; its fortification does indeed make it a white wine for the non-white wine drinker.  Lillet Red, on the other hand, is equally delicious, albeit markedly less versatile.  It is more full-bodied than White, though just as herbal and complex.  Red is more substantial, filling, and is less preferable as an aperitif, digestif, or mixer.

Both varieties, White and Red, each have specific instances they best compliment.  Have a glass of White before dinner and perhaps even one after.  Have a glass of Red next time you’re at the beach; along with a bit of bread, cheese, and a few olives, you’ll have a perfect summer lunch.

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