The Blackcurrant Solution

A simple glass of white wine is, during summer, a most pleasant refreshment for many.  Whether it is taken with a meal or alone, out of doors or in, it is light, cooling, and quite often delicious.  To most, no other beverage is so fitting with so many different summer occasions.  When maturity and civility are required during warmer months, white wine is the perfect choice.

I am not particularly fond of white wine generally speaking.  When selecting a wine I often find white to be insubstantial or far too sweet.  During hot summer months, red wine is too heavy.  And when wine is being served I feel uncomfortable ordering a beer.  Rosé is an excellent alternative but is usually not commonly served or available to those looking for other drink options.  For the non-white wine drinkers, what can be done?

Crème de cassis, the dark red blackcurrant-flavored liqueur, is a sure solution to an ordinary glass of white wine.  This cocktail, long known by the French as a kir, immediately emboldens and invigorates the white.  Although a kir is traditionally made with Sauvignon Blanc, the cassis is equally delicious alongside most other whites.  Its copper-colored hue is reminiscent of an August afternoon’s waning hours, just before twilight.

Unfortunately cassis is not standard fare in most home bars.  So next time a friend hosting dinner requests you bring a bottle of white, take along a small bottle of crème de cassis as well and introduce your host to a kir.  You’ll likely be noted for your unique gift – especially by those looking for a something a little different.

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