Drinking Like a Local

Either as a light lunch or convenient dinner, a loaf of crusty bread, a block of cheese, a bit of spicy brown mustard, and a beer is the quintessential meal during European travel.  Regional delicacies can be quickly discovered by visiting a local market or small grocery for these items.  And oftentimes, such stores will stock a substantial number of locally brewed beers, or at least the local population’s favorites.

I have, on several occasions, walked through a market in Vienna or Prague and stared at the several new and tempting choices of beer.  Deciding which to choose can be difficult considering the multitude of superb breweries through Western and Central Europe.  Their vast numbers present a wonderful predicament to have while on holiday: how to choose from so many delicious choices?

While dining out or simply walking around a traveler should carefully note what the locals are drinking, be it seated at sidewalk cafes, inside restaurants, or in several Eastern European nations, while out for a stroll.  A sharp eye will lead to what is the best beer a city or region has to offer.

This is especially true with old folks.  Learn what the old guys are drinking and chances are its pretty tasty.  This fact is not limited to the European continent; here in the states grandfathers generally have a keen sense of what is good and what is not.  There is a reason the Old Fashioned has been around since the Nineteenth Century.

Next time you are traipsing around Europe and looking for the best local beer, figure out what the old timers are drinking; it is likely that region’s finest.  Because fine drink, whether beer or not, sticks around for generations.

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