Rain Delay

Fall weather in Washington is notoriously unpredictable and uncooperative.  This summer’s heat was exceptionally warm and humid, only increasing my desire for autumn’s brisk and cleansing air.  Clear and chilly days, common in October and November, are by far my favorite.  So when local newscasters called for just such weather over a weekend in late September, I wasted no time in making plans to greet it – and the fall season – with a beer.

As dawn broke Sunday morning, gray clouds hung low, partially obscuring the city’s skyline.  I quietly cursed the weatherman.  Rain sprinkles fitfully started and stopped; the clouds were indecisive – should we rain or not?  A short while later, a decision was made, rain they would.  And in doing so spoiling my afternoon plans to enjoy a few drinks with friends at an outdoor bar.

Alternative plans were necessary but like the clouds, we were indecisive.  Where to go?  A local Irish dive bar?   A new gastropub?  Or an old favorite, a regional microbrewery?  After exchanging several text messages, the microbrewery is chosen.  While not exactly our original plan the brewery’s numerous vacant bar stools and familiar barman provide an acceptable and comfortable location in which to relax during a dreary weekend afternoon.

While the weather – that favored cool and crisp autumn air – could not be enjoyed, the company of friends was most assuredly so.  Mug after mug of freshly brewed beer disappears; noontime eventually turns to early evening.  We decide to part ways and return home, for a late lunch and perhaps a nap.  To be sure, the day was not a total loss; although unable to enjoy the outdoors that specific day, the rain is only a temporary delay.  The autumn weather will grow cooler, the days shorter, and the friendship stronger.

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