East Coast Oktoberfest

Beer Gardens NYC app co-developers, Raj Moorjani and Hope Tarr get the party started for Oktoberfest.

Cool autumn weather allows relaxing with a beer in a outdoor space with increased frequency, when soaring summer temperatures fall and humidity dissipates.  As leaves transform their color, so too does our beer; deeper hues of medium-bodied ambers and think chocolate stouts are more prevalent.

The year’s fall months also bring with it Oktoberfest, whose celebration is quite evident during September and October.  Many ordinary bars – especially those with even a scant number of outdoor tables – adopt German themes, music, and beer selection to drawn in those looking for just such an atmosphere.  Polka and other traditional folk tunes are heard in average taverns.  It is safe to assume that if a restaurant has outdoor seating, it will attempt to create a beer garden.

Only recently did the District acquire an authentic biergarten, where one may enjoy the Oktoberfest tradition in fine Munich fashion.  While DC has only its singleton, New York City has another problem altogether: beer gardens are so prevalent a pair of truly enterprising drinkers thought to electronically map the city’s numerous locations.  The result is a Smartphone application to point you towards the nearest beer garden*.

So whether you’re German, or just want to be for an afternoon, head out to your local – or only – beer garden.  Order up your favorite würste, a mound of sauerkraut, and a cold, frothy stein of beer.  It just may be delivered by a dirndl-clad waitress.


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