Goodbye Friend, for Now

Since beginning this blog I’ve fought the temptation to pick the low hanging fruit of topics and discussion items.  Others who write or blog about drinking, including several national newspapers and monthly periodicals, have not resisted this temptation where Mad Men is concerned – going so far as to recap each episode with a light analysis of the drink choices and habits of the central characters.  These pieces are enjoyable to read each Monday morning with a cup of coffee, especially when a mid-morning break from work is necessary.  

As I originally posited, this blog is meant to be simple, fun, and maybe educational.  But today I’ll hang my head in defeat and join the ranks of those I criticize: I will write about Mad Men.  Yes, I am a hypocrite indeed.

What more can be said about this series?  The show is celebrated among drinkers as the epitome of retrospective cool – drinking and smoking at work is both encouraged and practiced.  Whisky bottles and martini glasses are continuously emptied regardless of time of day.  Meetings are held while drunk, their outcomes usually preferable to those held sober.  And secretaries dutifully restock office bars.

To us modern cubicle dwellers, this is unabashed fantasy, pure and simple.

So I write to say goodbye to this season, my Sunday evening drinking companion.  Regardless of my choice of drink – ordinarily a whisky or beer – it provided an excellent setting for a slowly consumed pour and an excellent distraction from the impending work week.

Sure, another season will arrive in due course.  And what a pleasure it will be to bask in its high-def glory.  But for now, perhaps I’ll head to bed a little earlier.  Or begin a new book; I’m sure Fred Kaplan’s 1959 will do nicely.

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