A Giant Falls

Today I announce the defeat of the Chimay Grande Réserve Magnum, the monstrosity of a beer that had resided beside my television for the last few months.  The Grande Réserve put up a valiant fight following its time sitting in a corner living room nook, silently mocking my attempts to conspire its demise.

Coordinating professional lives, children, and spouses was a difficult chore, as the layer of dust on the bottle would attest.  What used to take only a quick call or text to plan had become an exercise in logistics and long planning.  Yet we finally set a date and time and readied the bottle; the three liter bottle of Trappist ale was moved to a cool outdoor location to chill in the brisk fall air.

A long time fan of Chimay – especially the Grande Réserve (bleue) and Cinq Cents (blanche) – I have frequently purchased its traditional 750 milliliter-sized bottles.  But the magnum’s three liters did not seem to justify the nearly ninety dollar price.  That is, however, until it was found marked half-off.  The predicament then became, how much would I regret not purchasing the deeply discounted giant?

In the early days of the bottle’s residence I made another lucky find: clearance-priced Chimay goblets, those recommended by the brewery with which to best enjoy their product.  These proper vessels would also make an excellent commemoration of the occasion.

So far all the months of waiting, the magnum’s defeat was a swift trouncing indeed, taking two of us only a few leisurely hours to complete.  The delicious home-cooked food and crisp autumn weather finely complimented numerous two-handed pours.  And that bottle, once a stoic fixture of the home, is now relegated to the recycle bin of history, only memorialized by an empty goblet and these few words.

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