The Boss Recommends

Learning to work for a new supervisor is always an interesting and challenging experience, requiring some subtlety and finesse.  Many times expectations are confused and personality traits misunderstood; common ground is sought by both manager and employee alike.  When commonalities are discovered, they are valuable items benefitting both personal and professional relationships.

Luckily for me, scotch proved to be the common factor between labor and management.  Fate certainly smiled on me; this time, in the form of Aberlour 12 year.

I only recently became familiar with Aberlour’s A’bunadh expression at a single malt tasting, having no knowledge of the brand’s other varieties.  The 12 year, I was informed, was a favored selection for “everyday drinking.”  And, my boss added before departing my work area, “it’s very reasonably priced.”

His words presented an interesting consideration.  Although admittedly not a connoisseur, the boss’s advice was an excellent opportunity to build rapport.  But should I risk taking his recommendation and possibly purchasing a bottle of dreck?  Coincidentally I had recently finished a bottle of Balvenie Doublewood, which meant a replacement was necessary to fill its void.  As often stated, I am always looking to try new spirits – especially scotch.

So after work I procured a bottle; later that evening a glass was poured.  First neat, then with one cube of ice, the Aberlour presented a complex oaky and dark taste, no doubt from the whisky’s time residing in both oak and sherry casks.

It was, surprisingly, an excellent alternative to my ordinary choice of everyday scotch, the Glenlivet 12 year.  Not surprisingly perhaps, was the first question the boss asked the following day: whether I enjoyed my purchase.

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