Most Blessed, Most Thankful

I am surprised by a number of items I’ve read this week before Thanksgiving.  Several reputable publications that focus on drinking appear to have lost their spirit of thankfulness this year.  Many authors and bloggers seem to feel a sense of “it’s all been said before” concerning the topic of Thanksgiving drinking.  Many times I saw words like trite, recycled, and repetition being thrown about.

Many of these lamentations concern the preference – or rather, appropriateness – of serving red or white wine to your Thanksgiving dinner guests.  While a completely valid question, my surprise lies with the unexpectedly trite and negative tone; writers appear at wit’s end attempting to contemplate an answer this question.

Perhaps my disagreement with this tone lies with this blog itself – it is still new and this is my first Thanksgiving to write about.  And perhaps it’s because I don’t have a strong preference for either red or white wine.  But the question remains regarding those previous articles – can these feelings of exhaustion be avoided year after year?  Will my words remain fresh and thankful one, two, or three years from now, when attempting to produce a novel thought about this holiday’s drink?

Simply put, yes.  I will remain thankful for a simple reason: because I am blessed – with family, friends, fine drink, and this forum to express my thoughts.  Furthermore, I am blessed by the innumerable kind words of friends and colleagues who have read and appreciate my words.

Happy Thanksgiving, readers.  I am truly thankful for your kindness, inspiration, friendship, and camaraderie.  You have made my meager hobby so much more enjoyable.  You have emptied many glasses with me; I look forward to emptying many more.

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  1. Nice work! Hope you guys has wonderful Thanksgiving! And by the way THANKS!

  2. Great thoughts. Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving! Looking forward to more posts…

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