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A Taste and History of Trappist Beer in Four Parts

An Introduction

Sure, most of us have heard of Chimay, the Belgian ale served in those wine-sized  bottles and the best-known of the Trappist beers.  But what does it mean for beer to be Trappist?  More importantly, what does this little noticed and often misunderstood designator mean in the greater world of both Belgian and European beer varieties?  Over the next several days  I’ll discuss these questions in a four part series.

Part one will focus on Trappist beer’s history.  Part two will address the Trappist name’s protection as applied to its beer.  Part three will focus on my endeavor to find all the Trappist-approved beer.  And finally, in part four,  I will write about the fruits of my search.

So please, sit down, settle in, and join me on this journey back through monasteries, world wars, and globalization, beginning in Medieval Europe and ending in modern suburban Virginia.

While you read, remember the Trappists’ words: une bière brassée avec savoir se dèquste avec saqesse –  a beer brewed with love is drunk reasonably.

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  1. Ok, you are getting better and better at writing! Enjoying it!! Now you are adding sequels, to be continued,……..looking forward to the four part series!! Cheers!!

  2. Whoa! A cliffhanger blog post? Impressive! I’ll stay tuned… 🙂


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