Friends and Freebies

There are many intangible benefits of blogging about drinking and its culture.  Those who know me well understand how much I enjoy discussing beer or newfound locations to find rare and exotic imports.  Many hours have been spent chatting about varieties of Belgian ale, the hoppy smell of various German lagers, or the scotch with which I am currently enthralled.

Since beginning this blog last year, I have made the acquaintance – primarily over e-mail – of other bloggers and writers who similarly enjoy this hobby of drink.  They, like my close friends, have provided excellent ideas and guidance on specific topics on which I’ve written.  I can count on all of them for interesting and enlightening conversation and most importantly, the introduction to exciting new libations.

Recently I received a very tangible benefit, a completely surprising gift from a colleague: three bottles of Schlafly Oktoberfest and three bottles of 2° Below Winter Ale.  The two beers, he informed me, were from two favorite breweries, Saint Louis Brewing and New Belgium Brewery, respectively.  And, having picked up some from his visiting family, he thought I might enjoy a few bottles as well.

This was an extraordinary act of friendship and generosity – one, I assured him, that would be repaid.  But for now I’ll gladly enjoy his gift; especially, as it turns out, the 2° Alenwas a remarkably delicious brew with which to begin the new year.

Friendship and generosity, I believe, are common traits among those who seriously value drinking culture.  We careful and discriminating drinkers enjoy good company and insightful recommendations.  And we wish to preserve the deliberation of enjoying a pour, be it wine, beer, or spirit.  Duvel agrees, advising that “beer is best enjoyed cold with discerning friends or good-looking strangers.”

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