The Old Stein Returns

I have a beer stein that resides deep in the recesses of my liquor cabinet, hidden far behind more commonly used scotch low balls and a favorite open mouth Chimay beer glass.  A simple half liter stein, it has no logos adorning its sides, no corporate affiliation.

The stein is a special item, a gift from a friend who has since moved away, and sits amongst other prized glassware received as gifts or kept as souvenirs.  It was originally used to hold a local brew pub’s seasonal Oktoberfest a few years ago.  After a number of these fresh and autumnal amber brews, I asked my friend – the cocktail waitress providing the drinks – if a glass could be purchased.  “Just take it,” she replied, “but not that one – I’ll get you a clean one.”

Although rarely used, the stein is a pleasant reminder of delicious beer enjoyed on a night out with my lovely wife.  Yet its large capacity was required after recently purchasing a large bottle of Guinness Foreign Extra Stout to enjoy at home.  The bottle’s contents fit nicely into the heavy stein, the beer’s dark body and foamy white head peering out through the glass’s thick body.  The stout was slightly less bitter than the brand’s traditional brew, which did indeed surprise.  The stein was steadily emptied and upon completion, I immediately regretted buying only one.

All the better, however; another Foreign Extra Stout requires using the stein again.  Unfortunately those Belgian brews so prevalently available in 750 milliliter bottles would be too much for the little half liter stein to handle.  A reason, perhaps, to dig out my larger one liter stein – another special glass with a story of its own.

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  1. Nice work, nice stein, nice beer!! Cheers!

  2. After a visit to Hofbräuhaus in München in 2004 I just had to own a set of their steins. When I returned to America I visited their website which was in all german and finessed my way through the transaction despite not being able to read the language. Luckily they did arrive a few weeks later =)

    Seems since then Hofbräuhaus has opened in Vegas and Pittsburg (are there two more different cities?) and I stumbled across something more loosely affiliated in the Wrigleyville section of Chicago earlier this year.

    I think a Hofbräuhaus would make a great tenant for the old auto historic garage at 443 I Street NW.

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