Touring Germany from Home

Sampling beer from around the globe has become an enjoyable and easily undertaken pastime.  Between small international shops, large grocery chains, and specialty high-end markets, an expansive variety of bottles from all corners of the earth can be simply located and chosen.  Some such stores – particularly those that are beverage-centric – have entire aisles dedicated to singles so as to allow sampling different brews.

A short while ago I chose a number of German varieties – what could be better than a half-dozen different bottles from various locations and breweries around that country?  So after a short deliberation, I made the following selections: Spaten Premium; Gaffel Kölsch; Hofbräuhaus; DAB; König Pilsener; and Weihenstephaner Original Premium.

Over the course of several evenings I took a virtual tour of Germany by way of its beers, focusing on southern and western Germany.  Clustered in and around Munich, Cologne and Dortmund, these six beers represent some of Germany’s oldest and most prestigious breweries, a number of which have been producing beer for nearly a millennium.

A thousand years is a difficult period of time to fathom, especially in today’s culture, with its demands for immediacy, hurried impatience, and constant technological updates.  German beer, on the other hand, has weathered time itself.  Be it global wars, plagues, the rise and fall of governments, nations, or peoples, only beer has survived.

Enjoying a beverage with such history allows one to relax and reminisce over past adventures and experiences.  So when the travel bug bites and I become nostalgic for past trips to faraway lands, a few brews from a favorite destination ward off the urge to find the next departing Lufthansa flight.  Or provide the inspiration to track down a last minute bargain ticket.

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  1. I enjoy reading what you have to say about the beer you choose

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