A Drink With… Alex Trebek

Double Canadian Club, neat. 

Trebek is the working man of American game shows, the omniscient arbiter of trivial knowledge and more importantly, pronunciation.  Beware of errant singularities and pluralities, for they shall doom thee.  And don’t toy with foreign accents, not with Trebek.

He enjoys his drink tall and strong; no watering down his native land’s whisky.  He’s proud of his homeland, the Great White North, but he’s a California boy now.  Trebek’s understatedly cool; he’s no braggadocio, requires no self-trumpeting.  And no mustache.

He’ll slap you around intellectually but only in good natured fun.  He knows he’s more intelligent than you, even without the answer cards, but he doesn’t need to prove it.  He’s got a sarcastic side, you bet.  And he can take a joke, especially parody.  Just ask those guys from SNL.


A Drink With… is a lighter take on tossing one back with a noted individual, be it statesman, scholar, athlete, or celebrity.  It is a series of fiction and perhaps, humor.

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