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Depending on your definition of the word medicine, you may or may not be surprised to learn that beer was sold at pharmacies in the 18th and 19th Centuries.  Alcohol was commonly found in most frontier-era medicines, and remedies were either homemade or purchased from general stores or apothecaries.  One might be surprised, however, to learn of a pharmacy selling its own line of beer in the 21st Century.

Walgreen’s, the pharmacy with over 7,500 stores in all  50 states, recently began selling its own line of beer – called Blg Flats – for the modest price of $2.99 for a six pack of cans.  To be sure, I am ordinarily skeptical of beer sold for so little.  But low prices also mean not much is lost if the brew is less than preferable, which is usually the case.  Might Big Flats be different?

As cheap beer goes, Big Flats didn’t necessarily disappoint.  But it didn’t impress either.  It was what I expected it to be: no more, no less.  It tasted exactly like beer that costs 50 cents a can.  Which is not to say it was horrible by any means; only that one much adjust their expectations accordingly.  You would not expect a Trabant to ride like a Rolls Royce, would you?

Friends thought it tasted like Natty Light, possibly a little better, which isn’t saying much.  The beer was ice cold, thin, and went down fast, although not too easily.  When our cans were empty, we reached for another.  Yet two beers each was the limit for those brave enough to sample to the brew.  One friend suggested that next time around, she might consider starting the night with a six pack of better beer, perhaps an import or an American microbrew, before moving on to Big Flats – not the worst plan I’ve ever heard. 

Drinking a couple Big Flats was indeed an interesting experiment, but I’ll likely not drink it again unless I’m in a real pinch for bargain basement beer.  Luckily, I don’t think I’ll ever be found in that basement.

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  1. I take offense to your final paragraph….you have drank many a beers from my basement in DC….and you were never disappointed were you….???? :o)

  2. What a weird and interesting blog 🙂 I came across it from dcblogs.com’s rss feed. Love it.

    Fellow Dc blogger

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