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Washington, DC is a great city in which to live, with its daily mix of news, culture, and politics, much of which involves drinking.  And this week’s news has been chock full of drinking culture, from a local mixologist interview to Congressional lobbying on adult beverage legislation.

Let’s start this rundown from a favorite bar in my own backyard, DC’s Mount Vernon Triangle neighborhood.  The Atlantic’s Daniel Fromson interviewed DC’s own Derek Brown, co-owner of The Passenger, one of my favorite bars.  Brown is widely regarded as “a leading voice in the new cocktail renaissance.”

Read Fromkin’s interview, 9 ½ Questions: A Conversation with Derek Brown, Bartender and ‘Booze Nerd’

Just down the street from The Passenger on Capitol Hill, the National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA) is in town this week to lobby Congress in support of the Community Alcohol Regulatory Effectiveness (CARE) Act of 2011 (H.R. 1161).  If passed, the bill would greatly impede direct alcohol sales between producer and consumer.  The NBWA, representing various wholesaler (i.e., distributor) organizations, wants the bill passed to maintain their profitable position in the alcohol distribution process.  What do you think of the proposed law?

Read the NBWA’s Press Release, Effective System of State-Based Alcohol Regulation Highlighted at 2011 NBWA Legislative Conference

Finally – and in no way related to DC other than being reported in The Washington Post – AMC announced a mix of good and bad news about its “how to drink at work” instructional series, Mad Men – the show will indeed return for a fifth season, but not until sometime next year.  For those of us who look forward to enjoying the show with a glass of whisky each Sunday, I suppose we’ll just have to wait a bit longer.  So drink to celebrate the show’s eventual return, or drink to lament the new season’s delay – it’s your choice!

Read the Washington Post’s story, Mad Men will be back in 2012 for a fifth season

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