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This week, The Hip Flask was added as the 224th blog to TBD’s Community Network.

The community network “brings together local blogs and websites covering neighborhoods and community life through the Washington metro area,” creating “a comprehensive guide to local news and entertainment, delivered on multiple platforms, for anyone interested in what’s happening in the region.”

I describe this blog as a place to celebrate the culture of drinking in a thoughtful, deliberate manner.  TBD considers it as such: “if you savor a drink now and then, THF will fill  you in on events, venues and beverages to savor.” is partnered with NewsChannel 8 and WJLA/ABC7, the Washington DC area’s local ABC affiliate.  Navigate to their site by clicking their badge below.

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  1. Well done and well deserved!


  2. Congrats THF!!! You Da Man!!

  3. Things are progressing nicely. Keep it up!


  4. Testament to the fact that THF is the real deal.

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