The Sporting Man’s Whiskey

My last visit to my neighborhood liquor store was indeed an eventful outing.  Not only did I realize my age’s affect on my drinking preferences, but I made two interesting purchases; one for myself and the other for my wife.  The former was a bottle of John L. Sullivan Irish Whiskey, an item featured during the store’s weekly tasting.  The latter was a can of alcohol infused whipped cream, which my wife though might be an extraordinary dessert topping.  I obliged her, always being up for trying a new drinking-related foodstuff.

But first, let’s talk about the whiskey.

John L. Sullivan Irish Whiskey – described as “the sporting man’s whiskey by their flyer – was one of several items available for sampling.  I had never tried the brand before and was skeptical, as it was a blended Irish whiskey for less than thirty dollars – usually not an indicator of quality.  I perused the whiskey’s glossy information sheet as I sipped: “a smooth, small batch blend aged 4 to 10 years in single use bourbon barrels,” it read; “a smooth Irish whiskey with a silky bourbon finish; rich, complex and balanced; layered with hints of vanilla, honey, oak, citrus and spice.”  The sample finished sweet and had a long, pleasant aftertaste. 

I turned the sheet over: “BEATS ANY IRISH WHISKEY IN THE HOUSE,” the top of the page shouted.  As proof, Sullivan’s 93 point score (Superb/Highly Recommended) from Wine Enthusiast Magazine resided proudly above other, lower scores awarded to competitors such as Jameson, Bushmills, and Tullamore Dew.

More enjoyable than the whiskey’s scores and proclamations were the flyer’s old-time pictures of and facts about Mr. Sullivan himself, best known as “the first gloved heavyweight champion…the last bare-knuckle boxing heavyweight champion of the world,” who “defended his bare-knuckle title in 1899, for the final time in a historic 75 round fight.”  Sullivan’s boxing skills made him “an icon of the saloon culture… [whose] portrait hung on the wall of nearly every establishment across the nation,” including the modern and fictional office of Ron Swanson, one of my favorite television characters.

Overall, Sullivan’s Irish Whiskey was fantastically good, especially considering its price.  And since it was featured during a tasting event, the store took an additional ten percent off, bringing the price down to just over twenty five dollars.  Certainly nothing to shake a fist at.


Up tomorrow, the alcohol infused whipped cream.  A brilliant invention, but is it any good?

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  1. Can’t wait for the next post….keep it clean and tasteful!!! Not sure you can do that with alcohol infused whipped cream?!?!

    • You’ll have to stay tuned, Tony! 🙂

  2. Hey y’all,

    We spend most of our time on the road with rock bands. We’ve recently been having fun with Cream

    Very curious to hear what you think!

    Check out a vid of us taking shots with Panic at the disco:

    Youtube Link

  3. I’m not an Irish Whiskey fan, but you had me at “alcoholic whipped cream”! I can’t wait to hear how that was!

  4. Alcohol infused whipped cream? This should be interesting…

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