Looking Back From 100

These words mark a special milestone for this blog – 100 posts.  So instead of my usual musings, insights, and ramblings, I’d like to use the occasion to look back on my first ten months of blogging.

What an enjoyable time it’s been.  I first began blogging to better my writing skills and possibly learn a new thing or two about drinking.  To that end I articulated a short, three-part philosophy to stay on point: keep things fun, simple, and thoughtful.  Within those bounds I’ve managed to consider – even logically, sometimes – a wide variety of news topics, ideas, and recipes.

I voiced many opinions and emotions: memories of fear while drinking in Baghdad; sadness over Barbara Holland’s passing; confusion over what to call a woman bartender; disdain with modern bar culture; and intrigue concerning our inner personalities.  I described past memories, present experiences, and future plans; I celebrated holidays and anniversaries.  And through it all, I managed to find excuses to drink, and have done my best to document my thoughts on that matter here.

Creative writing has never been a particularly strong skill of mine – I am a much more technical writer.  But this blog has opened up a whole different world to me, a world filled with many (so many!) fellow drinkers and writers.  I cannot deny that they’ve made blogging a more entertaining experience – corresponding and collaborating with them has been a true joy.  The most fun however, has been the research.  The hours and hours of research.

Finally and most importantly, I convey a note of thanks to you, my dear readers.  Thank you for your insight and humor, your wit and wisdom.  I am humbled by your time spent reading my words.  Never did I think they would be seen by so many, both here and abroad.

So I pause to look back, to remember where I started and to reflect on how far I’ve come.  And to look forward, to hundreds more posts to come.  And I raise my glass to you – I hope you’ll continue traveling on our booze-filled journey.

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  1. Congrats buddy!!! More, more, more!!!! Cheers eh!

  2. Way to go THF! Looking forward to the next 100+ posts.


    • G-Lo and Wookie – thanks guys! You guys have set a high bar for me to follow. Keep up the great work yourselves!

      • Thanks THF!

  3. Congratulations to my favorite drinker and blogger! It’s been such a pleasure to see you having so much fun with this. I can’t wait to see where the next 100 posts will take you!

    • Thanks babe – you’re the best editor a guy could ask for!

  4. Congrats!! I am looking forward to the rest of the journey.

  5. Congratulations, you’re syndicated! It’s been a great start, I believe it will get even better as your knowledge and readership expands.

    • If you guys keep reading, I’ll keep writing…

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