Brewing and Cinemagrap​hy

Sam Calagione, Founder and President of Dogfish Head Brewery, seems to be everywhere these days.  In addition to his prominent role in Abigail Tucker’s August 2011 Smithsonian Magazine article, he also appeared in the New York Times’ Diner’s Journal Blog late last week.

Calagione’s contribution, titled “Brewing Beer With Dancing Strawberries,” describes the process of using fresh strawberries as a main ingredient in a gluten-free beer his brewery is producing.  The process – from pressing the juice from the fruit, to boiling the various ingredients together, and finally, pouring the first glass – is depicted on the Times Blog via cinemagraphs, photographs with movement on a loop. 

“Instead of only describing the process or using ‘plain ol’ photos,’ he [Calagione] invited the cinemagraphers, who are also his friends, to document a day of making strawberry beer: ‘Their amazing cinemagraphs have a mystical effect of bringing the viewer into the moment.'”

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  1. Great post! I love DFH and think it’s so awesome that they’re always getting into everything. A strawberry gluten-free beer – leave it to them to come up with this – and to document the process… brilliant!

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