Booze News, 3rd Edition

Booze News returns for another round of entertaining and informative drinking-related news.  This time, the focus is on several stories – both positive and (gasp!) negative – pertaining to your health as you drink during July’s dog days of summer.

Britain’s Daily Mail reports important information for those of us who enjoy a frosty cold beer outdoors: mosquitoes “are 15 per cent more likely to fly towards humans after they have consumed a pint or two.”  French scientists tested their theory in the sub-Saharan African country of Burkina Faso, where “the team used 25 volunteers aged between 20 and 43.  They gave them one litre of their local brew, Dolo, before seeing how many mosquitoes would fly upwind towards them.”

This knowledge of mosquitoes’ preference for boozers is being used to help fight malaria infections.  “The increased attractiveness following beer consumption found here raises crucial issues regarding strategic planning for malaria control…and hence provides insights into the feasibility of targeted interventions.”

Who ever said drinking never solved any problems?

Read the Daily Mail’s article, Enjoying a beer outside ‘makes you more attractive to mosquitoes’

What’s better than a lazy, summer day?  Drinking your way through a lazy, summer day, of course.  And now, drinking red wine on those days might be a particularly good choice, as it “may be able to prevent the deleterious consequences of sedentary behaviours in humans.”  The Atlantic’s Rebecca Greenfield summarizes a Daily Mail article (score two for the British tabloid!) reporting a new piece of positive information for wine drinkers, especially wine drinkers who are lazy.

Resveratrol, a chemical found in red wine, was found to reduce “the negative effects astronauts face when in the weightlessness of space.”  Extrapolating the findings to less-active folk, the study concluded that “resveratrol may not be a substitute for exercise, but it could slow deterioration until someone can get moving again.”  The take-away: another piece of information to haul out when your tee-totaling friends get down on you for your love of drink and a relaxed lifestyle.

Read Greenfield’s Atlantic Wire article, Is There Anything Red Wine Can’t Do?

Finally, the Reuters news wire reports sales of so-called relaxation drinks is on the rise here in the states.  These beverages – with names like “Vacation in a Bottle” and “Just Chill” – don’t contain alcohol.  Rather, their “main ingredients are melatonin, a hormone that is intended to induce drowsiness; L-theanine, an amino acid primarily found in green tea; GABA, a chemical that calms the mind; B vitamins, and chamomile – a plant that often winds up as tea that people drink to help them unwind.”

Their increasing popularity notwithstanding, others are skeptical whether these drinks will actually affect the drinker.  Analysts at Zenith International, a beverage research group based in Britain (again!), believe “levels of ingredients in the drinks may be too small to be effective…if the consumer doesn’t feel the effect, then sales would drop off.”  For me, I’ll avoid the fad drinks; alcohol has been enjoyed, in some form or another, since the dawn of mankind.  So why mess with a good thing?

Read the Reuters article, Relaxation drinks see energetic growth in U.S.

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