A (Weekday) Morning Cocktail

It’s been a long week.  Wednesday, I worked late into the evening, long after the sun had set and rush hour had ended.  Thursday was worse – work continued through the night and into early morning, when roads are vacant and the city is quiet.  Only after the sun rose Friday morning was our task complete.  While I walked to my car in the cool morning air, I realized I had put in over a full day’s work by the time some are just sitting down at their desk.

I arrived home a short while later.  My eyes were bloodshot and I felt grimy, much like I had just gotten off a trans-Atlantic flight; jetlagged from the lack of sleep and clammy from the stale, recycled air.  I wanted a drink and some sleep.  It was just after 10 a.m.

A Bloody Mary sounded perfect.  The tomato juice sounded refreshing and healthful, unlike much of the fast food I had subsisted on during the previous days.  And a bit of vodka would be sure to help me rest soundly.  But alas, there was no vodka to be had.  Then I remembered: the bottle I had recently bought was used as the base for my second batch of homemade limoncello.  When sleep-deprived, my memory is less than perfect.

So if no Bloody, then what? 

The solution came to me quickly:  a Bocce Ball.

What’s a Bocce Ball, you might ask?  Yes, of course, it’s a ball thrown during games of Bocce.  But it’s also a cocktail, one enjoyed during breakfast or, more often, brunch.  It’s a straightforward and simple Italian cocktail – orange juice and amaretto, in roughly equal amounts, over ice.  Much like the Mimosa or a screwdriver, the Bocce Ball does not need to be poured in precise amounts.  Some prefer just a touch of amaretto, to add a light note of almond flavor to their juice.  I, on the other hand, prepare mine as follows: throw three or four ice cubes in an Old Fashioned glass; fill about half full with amaretto (I prefer Disarrono); then top off with orange juice. It’s an easy drink to prepare in the morning, especially when you haven’t slept in nearly 30 hours.  Nothing complicated.

Now if you’re feeling adventurous and have had a decent night’s sleep, you can jazz up your Bocce Ball, as most recipes I found suggest.  Some recommend adding an ounce or so of vodka, or topping off your drink with club soda.  But I enjoy mine with only the two base ingredients.  I’m a simple man, especially when it comes to substituting cocktails for my usual cup (or cups) of coffee.

Next time you’re drinking in the morning – hopefully it’s not work-related – make yourself a Bocce Ball, a humble and relaxing drink.  Then take a nap afterwards, whether you need one or not.  Because isn’t that what afternoons were really meant for?


It’s worth noting Disaronno’s unintentionally hilarious commerical from a few years back, which you can enjoy here.  Coincidentally, “Disaronno on the Rocks” just happened to be my wife’s drink of choice at the time, which caused her more than a little embarrassment when ordering.

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  1. Yo THF!

    You are working WAY too hard! Thankfully you found a way to unwind a bit. Hope things settle down for you in the days and weeks to come.

    Great commercial by the way. Thanks for sharing!


    • I know…the man’s got me down. Oh wait, I’M the man. Ha ha.

  2. haha, i had no idea that drink had a name… that was my go-to mixed drink at parties all through university 🙂

    • Yeah, it’s a fantastic drink. And since it’s got O.J in it, it’s healthy too, right?!

  3. Actually the club soda is a nice touch, try it

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