auf Wiedersehe​n Oktoberfes​t

This past Sunday marked the end of the 178th Oktoberfest.  From the opening shout of “it’s tapped!” to the festival’s conclusion on the first Sunday in October, Germans and non-Germans alike gorged themselves on delicious food and drink.  Unfortunately, that didn’t include me.  I missed this year’s festivities, just like last year.

But there’s always next year, right?  So, why not look on the bright side and focus on all the fun and revelry had by our fellow drinkers.  And I’ve found two ways to vicariously enjoy the fun of those fortunate enough to have made it to Munich for this year’s O-Fest.

First, thumb through the fantastic collection of pictures found at The Atlantic’s In-Focus Photo Blog.  Alan Taylor, the blog’s editor, compiled forty pictures from various news sources that place you right in the middle of the Theresienwiese.  From the innumerable steins of beer, to the amusement park rides, and of course, the dirndls, this is the best collection of Oktoberfest photos I’ve found.  I’ve included my favorite at the top of the post.

Second, learn how to play the fine German sport of Masskrugstemmen.  This, according to The Wall Street Journal, “is greatest sport ever invented.”  (Truer words have never been written.)

Masskrugstemmen, which crudely translates to Mass Mug Lifting, is a simple enough game: participants only have to “try to hold onto an enormous beer for as long as they can…Contestants line up, extend one arm parallel to the ground, grip a one-liter beer, and try not to spill. Drop any brew, and you’re eliminated.  ‘It’s pretty much a Bavarian strongman contest,’ said Lars Halter, general chairman of New York City’s German-American Steuben Parade.”  But don’t be fooled, cautions the Journal, “Masskrugstemmen is much tougher than it looks. One liter of beer in a glass stein weighs about five pounds, and most people can’t last longer than a couple minutes.”

Here’s a great Masskrugstemmen video, courtesy of The American German Club of the Palm Beaches.  Masskrugstemmen can be enjoyed by both guys and girls, so call your friends, dust off your stein, and issue your challenge!  Because it sure beats Beer Pong.

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  1. Yo THF!

    I have never had much of a desire to attend Oktoberfest. But then you shared the photo link and I must say, it looks awesome! I once attended the Feria de Abril in Seville (many, many years ago.), and Oktoberfest looks VERY similar. Big tents, lots of people, and an endless stream of food and drink. I was at the Feria for just 8 hours (from 10PM to 6AM), and it was one of the most memorable nights of my life. I imagine Oktoberfest would be a similar experience, but with beer and hearty German food instead of wine, calamari, and churros.

    Thanks for sharing!


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