How to Drink in Public

I love drinking outside.  Regardless of where I am – whether it’s in a beer garden, on a restaurant patio, or in a park at a pig roast.  I’ve made this point several times, but with the end of warm weather in sight, it’s been on my mind more than usual.

Unfortunately this is where the fun ends.  Drinking in public is, without question, severely frowned upon in this country.  Whatever the reason for this anti-outdoor boozing stance – be it the stuffiness of our puritanical founding colonists or just the Fun Police on a power trip – public partaking is emphatically discouraged by most police officers.  What party poopers.

However, the smart folks over at New York Magazine’s Grub Street Blog decided that information is power and put together a nice graphic instructing us How to Drink in Public, The Right Way.  Although the graphic itself is self-explanatory, perfecting the art of public consumption is not.  For that we have the wise words of the post’s author, Matthew Latkiewicz:

On Drinking Outdoors Legally: “Butte, Montana, for instance, is the one town in the country that (awesomely) allows people to drink anything they want, anywhere they want. Of course, New Orleans is probably the most well-known example of this kind of free-drinkin’ mentality, though even the Big Easy has some stipulations about what and where you can drink.”

On Drinking Outdoors Illegally: “A flask just showcases that you are hiding alcohol; it’s like trying sneak bullets somewhere by hiding them inside a gun.  The water bottle filled with clear liquor is much, much sneakier.  Any high schooler will tell you that vodka works well; gin isn’t bad if you can mix it with something. But there is a happy medium to be found between this method and the flask: all that white whiskey that’s been popping up. It still looks like water, but it doesn’t taste like drinking warm rubbing alcohol.”

And On Drinking Everywhere Else: “The beer-in-a-brown-paper-bag best symbolizes this compromise between the law (no open containers) and the reality (a lot of public drinking isn’t worth busting)…Of course, the compromise hinges on the integrity of the public drinker not to do anything that would require police work.”

Picture courtesy of Grub Street NY

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