Toasted Almond

I’ve been on something of an amaretto kick as of late.  I’ve been making the Bocce Ball – a favorite morning cocktail – quite often these days, which has emptied my bottle of Disaronno surprisingly fast.  But it hasn’t only been orange juice with which I’ve been mixing the lightly sweet almond-flavored liqueur.  No, I’ve also recently been mixing it with milk, to create an after dinner cocktail known as the Toasted Almond.

I will admit – I’ve never been a fan of cocktails requiring milk or milk-based products such as half-and-half and kahlúa.  When White Russians became all the rage courtesy of The Big Lebowski – “careful, man, there’s a beverage here” – I didn’t jump on the bandwagon.  But the Toasted Almond was intriguing, no doubt based on my newfound taste for amaretto.

I learned about the cocktail from a waiter a month or so ago.  I was having brunch with my family, so naturally I ordered a breakfast drink – specifically, a Bocce Ball.  He was unfamiliar, so I quickly explained how to make it (only two ingredients); he promised to pass on my instructions to the bartender.  Shortly, he returned with my cocktail, mixed to perfection.

After our meal, I casually chatted with him while recovering my child’s stroller.  Although the Bocce Ball was new to him, he had encountered a similar concoction while in Germany a few years before: amaretto mixed with milk and some ice, served after dinner.  It is made in generally similar proportions to the Bocce Ball and can be modified according to taste.

A few days later, I prepared myself one such drink – amaretto and whole milk (borrowing a bit from the child’s gallon).  I researched the drink a bit, but the only recipes I found added vodka along with the two base ingredients.   So I departed from the internet and began digging through my bookshelves until I found my old, gnarled copy of Seagram’s Bartending Guide, circa 1995, that I had purchased from a bargain bin around 2004.

Here, I made some progress: amaretto and half-and-half, mixed with ice in equal proportions; Toasted Almond.  Half and half seemed a bit aggressive; it was too thin with skim milk.  It turned out the baby’s – well, toddler’s – whole milk made the best cocktail.

So to my readers who are parents: borrow the kid’s milk and fix yourself a fine evening cocktail.  And on those nights when the baby just won’t fall asleep, maybe add a touch of amaretto to their bottle.  Sweet dreams indeed.

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  1. You’ve got me thinking…. how about a Toasted Almond Milkshake? Vanilla ice cream might be a bit overpowering, but if you can find a decent gelateria in DC, perhaps some Fior Di Latte gelato would work well. Whatcha think?

    • I think that sounds like a fantastic idea! Sounds like I have a new weekend experiment to try out. Thanks for the inspiration!

      • Just here to help. Let me know how it turns out.

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