A Drink With… Brian Williams

Grey Goose Martini, up, hold the olives.

Brian Williams is a 21st Century newsman: jetsetter; inquisitor; everyman.  Only a few years ago, we watched his reports from Baghdad or Kabul, before that it was Monrovia, Belgrade, or Beirut – where ever the action was.

These days, however, he’s the big man behind the desk, anchoring not one, but two nightly news shows, always clean shaven, coiffed, and poised.  Gone are the days of live feeds from distant lands.  That’s now left to the junior field reporters looking to cut their teeth.

And so it’s a classic cocktail in a clean, chilled glass.  He’s moved into the big leagues where Koppel, Rather, and Murrow used to rule.  No more dirty glasses and lukewarm beer.  His job is to inform and educate, with an approachability and easy smile that make yuppie co-eds swoon.

That, along with his understated and sly wit.  Because it makes you think: Anyone who hangs with Jon Stewart or cameos on 30 Rock must be fun to drink with.


A Drink With… is a lighter take on tossing one back with a noted individual, be it statesmen, scholar, athlete, or celebrity.  It is a series of fiction and perhaps, humor.

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  1. Great snippet! Was getting to know Brian one time when I was on one of my plane junkets. He is more balanced and approachable and likable then most may even know. The question was posed to him “How do you balance your life, your family, your personal time, your career?”. He responded “By lying, stealing, protecting, do whatever it takes to make my family come first to which I never have to lie or steal from cause they always know I am there for them first and foremost!”. Do you like him even more now? I do!!!

    • Great story Tony – and of course I like him more now!

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