A Time to Give Thanks

It’s that time of year again: a time to gather with close friends and family; to eat, drink, and share over a common table; to give thanks for the love and happiness we bring one another.  Today, we reflect on our lives and thank God for our blessings, for the passage of another year, for life itself.

Last year my thoughts on Thanksgiving focused on the apparent lack of originality: the same thoughts on red wine or white wine; what to drink during or following the meal; how best to use leftovers.  This year, I’ve noticed that most writers have reached a common conclusion: enjoy what you like and make sure you’re well stocked.  Advice I can certainly agree with.

I’ve got no complaints this year, no articles to disagree with, no opinions to contradict.  I am simply thankful for my many luxuries, the ability to work hard and enjoy my pleasures, and for those who support and occasionally encourage my hobby.  I am thankful for all those who read these words, who are inspired or enlightened to become a more refined drinker, to carefully consider their tastes, to seek new experiences and adventures along the way.

Happy Thanksgiving, dear readers – I raise my glass and wish you the best.  To each one of you, I wish continued health, happiness, and success.

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  1. The many blessings we have are you and your family! Take care my friend and may you have a blessed year ahead! Cheers eh!

    • Thanks Tony! We’re blessed to know you and your family as well. Congrats on your new(ish) addition! Here’s to fatherhood!

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