Hot Apple Cider with Rum

The National Portrait Gallery, located in the heart of DC’s Chinatown neighborhood, is a great place to take little ones to run and play.  Not the halls where the portraits hang of course, but the Gallery’s atrium, which is covered by a massive wavy glass-tiled ceiling.

Attached to the atrium is a small café, where patrons can enjoy a coffee, soda, or snack – even a glass of wine – while reading, studying, or simply embracing the open interior space.  I was in line for a coffee in the café the other week, where I saw a small sign next to the register advertising a seasonal drink: hot apple cider, with or without rum.

While I wasn’t able to enjoy a cup of warm cider with rum right then – I was on a playdate with my wife, child, and another family – I was determined to make my own at home as soon as possible.  So after a quick trip to the grocery for a half gallon of cider, I was well on my way to a pleasant evening with a perfect cold weather beverage.

This drink is likely one of the easiest to prepare, but there are a few variables to consider.  First is the type of rum.  I chose Goslings because it’s a bit on the spicier side, which would complement or even enhance the cider’s spice.  Second, is amount of rum; this will of course vary from person to person according to taste preferences.

On this second point, I experimented a little.  I first tried one ounce of rum in a mugful of cider, but it didn’t taste sufficient – after adding a second ounce of rum the drink tasted perfect: although I only tasted a hint of liquor, it quickly warmed me up.  I’ve seen it garnished with a stick of cinnamon or a thin slice of apple, but both were too much fuss for me.

So there you have it, a perfect and absolutely simple recipe to use up your leftover rum before next spring.  And if you’re not too partial on apple cider, there’s always eggnog.  I’ll be enjoying a few of those in the coming week as well.

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