Shake Out Your Head

A Few Old School Hangover Remedies

I’ve previously discussed the misery of hangovers, stating my preference for a large breakfast at the nearest greasy-spoon diner.  More recently, I highlighted a new medicine specifically designed to prevent hangovers from ever occurring.

Since a consensus has yet to be reached on the best hangover remedy (will it ever?), I thought I’d pass on some words of wisdom from several noteworthy authors and drinkers.  But first, let’s set the stage with a few words from The Proverbs and Epigrams of John Heywood (A.D. 1562): “I pray thee let me and my fellow have a haire of the dog that bit us last night/And bitten were we bothe to the braine aright.”

From Anthony Burgess, author of A Clockwork Orange:

Hangman’s Blood: “Into a pint glass, doubles of the following are poured: gin, whisky, rum, port and brandy. A small bottle of stout is added and the whole topped up with Champagne … It tastes very smooth, induces a somewhat metaphysical elation, and rarely leaves a hangover.”

George Kappeler, author of Modern American Drinks:

Silver Fizz: “A tall cocktail made of gin, lemon juice, sugar, an egg white and soda water — paired with a variation on the Prairie Oyster.”  The New York Times helps explain the Prairie Oyster part: “An American preparation dating at least to the late 19th century, it usually consists of egg yolk, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco sauce, salt, pepper and vinegar… Under no circumstances should it be confused with the similarly named comestible known as Prairie Oysters: bull-calves’ testicles.”

And finally, a pair from Ernest Hemingway, without which any list would be incomplete:

Death in the Afternoon: “Pour 1 jigger of absinthe into a champagne glass. Add iced champagne until it attains the proper opalescent milkiness. Drink three to five of these slowly.”  Or, Death in the Gulf Stream (according to Charles H. Baker): “Take a tall thin water tumbler and fill it with finely cracked ice. Lace this broken debris with 4 good purple dashes of Angostura, add the juice and crushed peel of 1 green lime, and fill glass almost full with Holland gin… No sugar, no fancying.”

Now you’ve got no excuse to shake out your head, wring out your liver, and get the new year started right.  Here’s to 2012!


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  1. Sounds like too much bother.
    Just hide under your blankie all day.
    Just remember you are losing brain cells from too much celebrating…… and you need to keep all the brain cells you can.

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