‘Alcohol and the Human Body’

Encyclopedia Britannica’s 1949 Animated Guide to Alcohol, found courtesy of The Atlantic’s Video Channel and The Prelinger Archive, is an interesting and informative science video describing the basics of alcohol fermentation and distillation, as well as the physiological effects alcohol has on the human body. 

Although the monotonic voice-over and rudimentary animation may feel a tad hokey to us now, the video’s content and simplistic presentation style still holds up over 60 years later.  If only PowerPoint was always so clear. 

In the spirit of nostalgia, as most saw during last night’s Academy Awards broadcast, I thought this video was particularly fitting.  For those of you with a slightly sexist and sardonic sense of humor, Buzzfeed – another favorite website of mine – posted a “Sexism in 30 Vintage Ads” photographic series, many of which I (and my wife) found absolutely hilarious.  Because not so long ago, this was normal.  Now, it’s just silly.

I’ve posted one of my favorites below.

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  1. I think my cerebellum hurts. According to the guy blacked out on the side walk, I need to detox … pass the green juices, please!

  2. Brilliant stuff THF! Quite informative too.

    And the Ads! Ohhhh the Ads! Like Mad Men on steroids. Amazing what they got away with back then. The Chase & Sanborn might be my favorite of the bunch. Saucy!

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