The Time/Money Paradox

When I was young, I had all the time in the world.  I had no serious responsibilities, no wife and children, and only a part-time job.  But I also had no money, so I drank on the cheap, choosing quantity over quality, volume above all else.

Now I’m older and have a career for which I am generously compensated.  I can afford the occasional luxury without worry, to be choosy in my tastes, and discerning with my purchases.  But I have limitations on my time – there is work and family, and all the corresponding tasks and chores.  The obligations of adulthood.

When did this occur?  Where did all my free time go?

Where was that intersection between having decent money and the time to enjoy it?  And when I had it, why didn’t I take more advantage of it?  If only there were more hours in the day.

Such is life.  Such is a wonderful life.

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  1. Yo THF!

    I feel your pain. Funny how life works? But now that I know how old you are, all I can say is “Poor you!”. Talk to me when you’re 45 like yours truly. Heh.

    Lovely post as usual.


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