Bon Voyage!

Beginning later this week, The Hip Flask will fall silent for a few days while my family and I take a much-needed vacation.  Although flying with a toddler is never something to envy, I’m confident the destination, the rest and relaxation, and the time off from work will more than make up for it.

Where am I going, you might ask?  Well, I’d rather not spoil the surprise of a few future posts I’m sure the trip will inspire.  That said, several colleagues have expressed jealousy at my plans, which makes me feel especially lucky, excited, and thankful all at once.

In the meantime – and perhaps to share the travel bug with you – I’ve added a few stories, articles, and posts below.  Perhaps I’m going to one of the cities identified below or perhaps not.  Regardless, it should keep those of you with inquisitive and curious minds moderately entertained.  And for those who already know the answer, let’s not spoil the fun for everyone.  (Not that I’ll be around to approve your comments.  However, that shouldn’t preclude you from guessing – they’ll simply be posted upon my return.)

And now, the question of where.  Might we go to…

Chicago, to visit the Mythbusters exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry

Yosemite National Park, to hike, camp, and watch the mountain climbers – through binoculars, of course

London, to see the city’s sights and sounds before the Olympics take over

Berlin, to enjoy delicious German cuisine (and beer, natch) along with the history

the Dominican Republic, to enjoy the sun and sand, bachata music, and another bottle of Havana Club rum.

Or maybe somewhere different altogether!  So many places to go and things to see.  Until then, perhaps the information above will inspire a new destination or trip of your own.

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  1. Since I know where you’re going, I will say it once again…

    I HATE YOU! But only cause I’m not going too. 😉

    Look forward to reading all about it when you get back.


  2. mmm, London – or anywhere in europe, really – where good ciders are easy to find! One of my favourite things about my too-brief backpacking trip through europe!
    Hope you have a great time wherever you go, and uneventful plane rides.

  3. Somehow I doubt it is Chicago. If it is, then I’ll be disappointed you didn’t give me notice. Good day.

    • Indeed, you would have certainly heard from us. Probably from a long way away too.

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