It’s Good to Have Land

After over a decade of downtown city living, I have officially departed the city’s noise and bustle for a quiet plot of land in the suburbs.  Adulthood is complete; I’m now a homeowner.

Living in the city and taking pleasure from the all-consuming sights and sounds, especially these last few years with a child, has been an experience I will never forget.  However, my family had long since outgrown our tiny apartment.  It became necessary some time ago to upgrade on space and begin planning for elementary school, especially with another baby scheduled to arrive later this year.

More space for my family is indeed important (especially my wife) and I too, have missed not having a space of my own, a proper place to enjoy a cocktail and display my collection of spirits; a space of my own to read, write, work, and of course, drink.

Since our new house nearly triples the size of our old apartment, the living room is no longer the default location of every household activity.  Yet between painting bedrooms, assembling furniture, and maintaining our lawn – our own outdoor space, how novel! – creating my own space (in the basement, naturally) has unfortunately taken last place.

Although my own room is still incomplete, I’ve still managed to discover several new places to enjoy a variety of beverages.  For example:

– Relaxing with a can of High Life while watching your kid run through the sprinkler on the front lawn.

– Toasting with a glass of wine at the dining room table during lunchtime, when ordered to stay home from work because of widespread power outages.

– Nursing a whisky in the family room – Canadian Club, since the scotch is yet unpacked – during this season’s last remaining episodes of Mad Men, late into the evening, with my feet up on a comfy new leather ottoman.

Lastly, with a new neighborhood comes new bars and restaurants to explore and frequent, which we’ve only just begun to do.  Yet I’ve found with the added space – and with more to come – drinking at home is just as pleasant (and far less expensive) than heading out.  And with the dreadful heat wave we’ve endured, soaking up the humidity sounds none too pleasant.

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  1. Congratulations on the new place! This is so delightfully written. Having recently moved myself I smiled through this whole article & saw everything you so nicely describe here. Looking forward to hearing how your basement man-cave develops and which new watering holes become your new go-to’s. Mazel!

    • Thanks WW! I saw your “moving your whisky” post shortly after I moved my own bar and thought you might be going through a similiar experience to myself. Thankfully I didn’t lose any booze in the moving process, and I hope you didn’t either! Congrats on the new place and looking forward to reading lots more of your words!

      • Thank you! Glad you didn’t have a single broken bottle (or any that “mysteriously” went missing). My old neighbors were marveling (ok, probably more in shock) that most of our boxes said “Fragile – Whisky” or “Fragile – Wine” lol. Thankfully, we lost none of the alcohol but did have a breakage problem with a particular bottle of balsamic vinegar… but not one worth morning over! Enjoy the settling-in phase!

  2. Congrats on the new space and child on the way. May your adventures in the new bars bring even more inspiration (and excuses) to drink!

    • Thanks HB – Great seeing you last weekend and thanks for the visit!

  3. Yo THF!

    Congrats on the new place! Good luck settling in and I look forward to hearing more of your suburban adventures.


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