Happy 2nd Birthday, Hip Flask

Today, July 29th, The Hip Flask turns 2.  Another year has passed and many changes have occurred.  I’ve written more thoughts and musings on the hows and whys of drinking.  And more or less celebrated all that is fun, relaxed, and cultured when it comes to sitting back, kicking up your feet, and taking a sip of your favorite libation.

This past year, I’ve sampled various brews and spirits as well as making some of my own: various brandies (peach, plum, and apple); a few batches of limoncello; and even recreated Benjamin Frankin’s own Milk Punch.

Regardless, the last two years have been nothing less than an enjoyable learning experience in drinking and its culture, during which I’ve been introduced to new authors,  beverages, fellow drinkers, and above all, the written word as it pertains to all things boozing.

As I thought of the words to use on this, the second birthday of my blog, I had an interesting realization: I drink far less now than before I began this blog. My drinking choices  – pertaining to both what to drink and how to drink it – are far more selective.  Whether with dinner, after dinner, or just whenever, I choose to drink (or not to drink) based on careful consideration.

So I’ll continue my careful consideration, whether to pour or not to pour.  And I’ll keep writing my thoughts, musings, and ideas here.  And perhaps further the traditions and practices of proper drinking – enjoying classic beverages and pondering the ideas and wit that dates back generations.

To year three, I say, Welcome!  What will you have to drink?

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  1. Happy Birthday! Keep up the great blogging! Your posts are always an enjoyable read.

    • Your kind words are appreciated WW! Thanks for reading and thanks for the fellow words of wisdom.

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