Enjoying Europe from Home – Olympic Edition

August is here, and for the DC area that means hot and humid weather, an exodus from the city to area beaches, and a general slowdown until September.  This July was unseasonably hot, so perhaps the dog days of summer arrived early this year.

Washington is notorious for getting nothing done in August: Congress is in recesses and most bureaucrats take vacation.  The city, sweltering in its swampy heat, grinds to a halt.  And while I’d love to get out of town, I’ve already enjoyed some time off overseas this year.

So in the spirit of another European vacation I wish I could take, as well as to welcome to the London Olympics, I found a few fun multimedia pieces to peruse while enjoying summer’s best beverages, preferably in the comfort of air conditioning.

First is a fantastic time-lapse video titled EuroLapse by David Kosmos Smith via The Atlantic’s Video Channel, which is described as “a lovely five-minute escape to London, Amsterdam, Paris, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Milan, and more.”

Second is a hilariously accurate and surprisingly informative graphic from Food and Wine comparing the drinking style and culture of New York City and London, according to notable barmen and writers David Wondrich and Simon Ford.

Titled, “New York vs. London: A Drinker’s Guide to Bars, Trends, and Bad Customers” by Justine Sterling, the graphic compares several categories, such as the cities’ competing Bartender Style, Favorite Gimmick, Historical Influence, Trendy Cocktail, and my favorite, Alcohol Tolerance: Who Holds the Most Liquor.  Not surprisingly, the Brits mop the floor with us Americans is this category.

So find yourself a shaded, comfortable spot with an ice cold beverage – perhaps a Rickey or a Prohibition Lemonade –and enjoy Europe from the comfort of home.  Sure beats the pants off of an overnight flight in Economy Class.

And if anyone can explain the London Games Opening Ceremony to me – specifically the Lord Voldemort versus the Mary Poppins aerial armada portion, pictured below – I would love to know.  I am so very confused.  Perhaps I should have had more to drink while watching.


London Bridge Image by Julian Finney/Getty Images.

Opening ceremony Image by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images.

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