Booze News, 6th Edition

It’s finally the end of summer and what better way to wrap up the season than with another installment of Booze News?  This edition includes a little science and geography as well as a number of recipes with which to bid summer goodbye.

First up comes an informative series of surprising scientific facts about your favorite drink from Brent Rose at  From the mundane “alcohol is medicine” to the more curious-sounding “there are 4 septillion cocktails floating in space” and “champagne has thrice the pressure of a car tire,” Rose’s facts and explanations will give you plenty of conversation fodder if you’re looking to pick up that charmingly nerdy scientist who lives next door. Or if you’re stuck at a cocktail party full of scientists.  Which both seem about equally likely, right?

Read Rose’s Gizmodo article, Five Scientifically Surprising Facts About Booze

Have you ever considered the geographic dispersal of craft breweries?  The good folks at the Brewers Association certainly have, and their analysis comes reported for us by Richard Florida at the Atlantic Cities.  But that’s not all – Zara Matheson at the Bond villain-esque sounding Martin Prosperity Institute mapped the Brewer’s Association’s findings, which can be summarized as follows:

“California easily takes the win… With 261, it has almost double the number of craft breweries as the second-most state, Washington, which has 134. Colorado comes in third with 127, Oregon takes a close fourth with 121, and Michigan rounds out the top five with 102.”

Read Florida’s Atlantic Cities article, The Geography of Craft Beer*

Finally, to help mark the end of summer, Bruce Horovitz at USA Today supplies a few helpful and sometime unappetizing suggestions for cool drinks to enjoy during summer’s waning days.  While several of Horovitz’s suggestions – such as boozy snow cones and milk shakes – sound downright chilling and delicious, a few others – wine shakes and beer pops –  simply don’t.  Another suggestion – spiked ice cream sandwiches – might be decent, but I’m inclined to pass based on my previous experience with boozy dairy-based treats.

But not everyone sees these items as simple summer refreshments.  “Critics point a finger at the alcoholic beverage industry for seeking new avenues to attract younger users.”  My thoughts? Give a kid a beer pop and he’ll never want another drink, ever.

Read Horovitz’s USA Today article, Spiked frozen treats are hot as summer


Map courtesy of Zara Matheson/MPI. Data from the Brewers Association.

* Given Mr. Florida’s position as Director of the Martin Prosperity Institute (a subdivision of the University of Toronto), perhaps the self-referential nature of his Atlantic Cities article means it is perhaps Mr. Florida who is the Bond villain after all.

“Mr. Florida, do you expect me to talk?”

“No Mr. Bond. I expect you to die!”

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