A Dram of the 25

It’s not every night I open my bottle of Macallan 25 year old.  It, of course, is a special bottle that was given for a notable wedding anniversary.  I only open it on important occasions; special evenings that mark important milestones in my life. I’d like to stretch this bottle a few decades into the future.

Before this weekend, I had a small pour – no more than an once or so – a few weeks after we closed on our first home purchase.  This was only my first dram from the bottle this year.  But this year has been a special one because this weekend brought another reason, a much more important one, to open the Macallan 25 again: the birth of my second child, a boy.

Parenthood freaks most out the first time around and I’ll be honest, it did to us too.  But this wasn’t our first rodeo, which made the entire process far less stressful.  And a nice, long pour of fine scotch whisky after returning home certainly didn’t hurt.

So for the next few months, I’ll sleeping a little less and most likely drinking a little more, just like last time.  My home bar will grow because I’ll be drinking out less. Just as it should be.

And when my boy’s grown, I’ll teach him how to drink like a proper, sophisticated, and responsible man.


After we brought my daughter home from the hospital well over two years ago now, my wife bought me a bottle of Macallan 18 year old as a new father present of sorts.  It was a pleasant treat then, when she gave me another bottle this evening to welcome home our son.  It’s a nice family tradition we’ve created.

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  1. Ah the suspense…what did it taste like? Was it good? Is it the oldest scotch you have had? I think you should drink it more often, life is too short.

    • It can only be described as heaven in a glass. So smooth, so complex, hardly a hint of fire to it. It’s not the oldest I’ve had – I had a small pour of a 27 year old at a tasting once (don’t remember which distillery made it) – but the Macallan 25 is far smoother and far less firey.

      I know, I want to drink it all the time, but it’s far too expensive for that. Far, far too expensive.

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