What’s to say about the often overlooked beer cocktail after the dog days of summer’s end?  Admittedly, not much.  Unless you’re discussing a shandy during the hottest days of the year, most drinkers are probably uninterested or more disappointingly, unadventurous.

Yet you, dear reader, are neither: you are always looking for new drinking experiences, a novel cocktail or brew to educate and delight your company and companions, one that demonstrates your knowledge of the world of drinking to friends and colleagues alike; because you pride yourself on your drinking wisdom, and rightfully so.

Let us consider then a beer cocktail from Germany, aptly named the Bananaweizen.  Its ingredients are simple: any hefeweizen or hefeweizen-style wheat beer and a banana juice, also called banana nectar.  Mix in a soda/pint glass, and there you have it.  Simple enough, no?

Seeking to stay true to heritage, I bought a bottle of Hacker-Pschorr Hefe Weisse and a bottle of Paulaner Hefe Weizen to use as the cocktail’s base.  And I was able to find a can of Goya Banana Nectar in the “international” aisle of a local grocery.  (If that doesn’t work, try the juice/soda aisle – I’ve found it there, too.)

When it comes to proportions of bananaweizen components I tried both a 4-1 and 5-1 beer to juice ratio mix and much preferred the 4-1: if you really enjoy overpoweringly sweet drinks – I’m thinking here of Riesling-level sweetness, another fine German product – you’ll likely want to avoid the 5-1 ratio.

Unless you’re very secure in your masculinity or are willing to endure some moderate mockery from friends, I’d stick to enjoying this cocktail before lunchtime.  Consider it a clever way to enjoy a beer for breakfast.  Otherwise, you’re putting your man card at risk of revocation.

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  1. Gotta say this would be a first for me, but it does sound intriguing.

  2. Yo THF! The classic German Hefeweizen (the style that launched my interest in Craft Beers) already has that banana and clove thing going on, so this sounds like a great way to amp up those delightful flavors and pack a wee bit of Vitamin K into your beer drinking ritual. Since many would argue that my “man card” was revoked many years ago (i.e. I don’t mow my lawn, do home improvements, care about most sports, and have not been in a fist fight since the 8th grade, AND do laundry, dust, make the beds, cook on occasion AND clean up, iron my own clothes, go grocery shopping, and many other not so manly activities), all I can is, pour me a Banaweizen! Great post! Cheers! G-LO

  3. that is one way to get your potassium

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