Snow Day Liberté

liberte pinot noir

Thanks to snowquester, the DC area’s massive snowstorm-that-wasn’t, Wednesday was a day off from work, a free day to spend with my family.  And what better way to enjoy a snow day – sorry, a rainy day – than by opening a bottle of wine for lunch and sipping on it over the course of the day.

From my “cellar” I chose a bottle of 2011 Liberte Pinot Noir, which I picked up at Trader Joe’s a few weeks ago.  TJ’s describes the wine as “smooth, dry, and fruit forward, the wine tastes of strawberries and black cherries, with hints of vanilla and tobacco on the finish.”

A nice bottle to enjoy on a mid-week day off, when your activities center around Dora the Explorer re-runs, mid-afternoon napping, and reading by the fire (after the kiddies’ bedtime, of course).  Not to mention, watching the rain wash away what little snow managed to stick to the front lawn.

Liberté is certainly an enjoyable bottle of wine, especially when considering its price ($10).  The label artwork isn’t so bad either.*


* If you also enjoy revolutionary/propaganda-style artwork, there’s plenty more available in a recent’s article by Garance Franke-Ruta, titled “When America Was Female.”

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  1. no Mr. Rogers or transfomer reruns to watch

    • Sadly, no Transformers or Mr. Rogers. Maybe some DVDs are in order.

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