It’s About Time

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That I got back to blogging.

Winter ended and surprisingly, we actually had spring this year. Not a long one, mind you, but one longer than the usual day or two. All the while, bit by bit, my family, work, and the house sapped my energy. Along with my time, the ideas and the motivation disappeared. And dormant sat The Hip Flask, month after month.

During that time, two posts have sadly sat in the queue since March, nearly complete. Yet writing and editing is less than enjoyable after a long day, and the prospect of sitting in front of another computer during the precious few hours between the kids’ bedtime and my own did not excite. I admittedly have not been up to much, aside from the occasional cigar after work – about which I’ll soon post. Drink has been mildly entertaining: particularly notable were the bottles of Rolle Bolle, one of New Beligum Brewery’s new summer seasonal ales, I enjoyed over the Memorial Day weekend. Along with a few Miller High Lifes, because this is America dammit!

I hope you all have been drinking well during my recent absence. To those making your own homemade brandy – peach or otherwise – keep sending the comments and questions! If you’ve had a comment in limbo, please accept my humblest apologies.


In the meantime, for those information hounds that also enjoy a fine “craft brewed” beer, the New Yorker produced an excellent interactive graphic of American craft breweries – their Idea of the Week – which contains both state or brewery data and can be sorted according to eight tab selectors, including “total breweries,” “annual production” (state data) as well as “fifty largest breweries,” and “new breweries (opened in 2012).”

Needless to say, it’s a beautiful geographic depiction of the rise of American craft brewing, which I declare, is here to stay. As the New Yorker notes: “These beverages have become so popular that craft beer now represents thirty per cent of Costco’s beer sales…But such statistics and anecdotes fail to communicate a fascinating aspect of the craft-beer boom. The beverage is colonizing what one might call the craft-beer frontier: the parts of the country that are far from the major craft breweries of the West Coast and the Northeast.”

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  1. Welcome back!

    • Thanks G-Lo!

      • You bet Hombre! Hope all is well with La Famiglia!

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