Shutdown Rundown

survive shutdown

The big to-do today in Washington, DC centered on the U.S. federal government shutting down.  I won’t bore you with the details and politics of it all – it’ll drive you to drink.  Go watch CNN, BBC, C-SPAN, or whatever news channel you prefer to your heart’s content.  What I want to focus on instead are a few fun facts and tips for having a little boozy and pocketbook-friendly fun during Shutdown.

First, for the locals, is the Washington City Paper’s epically comprehensive list of Washington area bars and restaurants  with food and drink “shutdown specials.”  (Please note showing a federal government ID badge is required in most cases.)  Coincidentally, the Shutdown has overlapped with some Oktoberfest celebrations, so consider this the perfect excuse to enjoy your favorite Bavarian treats for a little less cash.

Second, for everyone else, here are two pictorials, courtesy of Atlantic Cities and its sister site, the Atlantic Wire, of the Shutdown’s affect on everyday Washington – from the monuments, memorials, office buildings, even the Metro system.  Although Shutdown (in the form of a few wooden barricades) wasn’t enough to prevent some Greatest Generation veterans from visiting the World War II Memorial.  Perhaps afterwards they could have done us all a favor and marched up Capitol Hill and kicked a little ass before returning home.

Third and finally is proof  that all this Shutdown budget nonsense will in fact drive you to drink: reports (from Huffington Post) of what sounded like some serious Congressional boozing  yesterday evening, the night before Shutdown.  I thought it’d be more enjoyable to think about in the form of a Christmas carol.  So I came up with this:

‘Twas the night before Shutdown,

and all through the House,

not a creature was stirring,

all the Members were soused.


Photo: Jason Ukman/Washington Post

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