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The Hip Flask is a Washington DC-based blog meant to celebrate the culture of drinking in a thoughtful, deliberate manner. 

THF, the author, is a professional in his 30s who has been drinking a variety of beverages on a number of continents since his 21st birthday. THF has drunk beer throughout the Middle East, spirits in Eastern Europe and Russia, and wine from Europe, Australia, and of course, the U.S.  At home in Washington, THF’s favorites include import beers (especially from Germany and Belgium) and scotch whisky.  Single malt Scotch whisky.   As of late, THF has been drinking more at home than at his local tavern, as his bar is the best and his wife the best bartender.  While at home, he enjoys reading about drink nearly as much as drinking itself and considers Barbara Holland one of America’s foremost authorities on the subject.

The author’s extensive drinking experience by no means makes him an expert.  Humility is a virtue and a continual thirst for knowledge keeps THF grounded.  But one can always learn more.   In other words, he is the everyman.  THF has chugged Rolling Rock with janitors and sampled cocktails and cigars with Ambassadors.  And most everything in between. 

The author has been blogging since July 2010 and has contributed to PQ Living and The Triangle, and Metrocurean.  He may be reached at

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This blog strives to maintain a simple tripartite philosophy about drinking. 

1.  Fun.  Drinking, like boating, stamp collecting, or baseball, should be enjoyable.  So enjoy your drink.  Sit down.  Slow down.  I don’t believe you should need to fight to get your drink or shout to speak with friends.  But however you choose to drink, it is your choice.  So it should be fun.  Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.

 2.  Simple.  Drinking should be easy.  If a drink needs more than two or three ingredients, it probably is not worth drinking, let alone making.  My tastes are conservatively mainstream and not too obscure, although finding something rare or new is always nice.  I’ll do my best to convey all possible information so location and replication is simple as well.

3.  Thoughtful.  I view this blog as an exercise in putting my thoughts and experiences of a favored subject into words.  There are many other commentators.  When my words are insufficient I’ll link to those more savvy than I.  Or perhaps I’ll suggest an article or book for consideration.  Because the only thing more fun than drinking is reading about drinking while drinking.

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