Introspection and careful consideration of one’s point of view is strongly encouraged.  Every individual experiences life differently.  But in any discussion, passion and fiery debate over one’s tastes and distastes is expected.  With strong drink there are strong opinions.  Patience and reason are encouraged to all that post.  Remember what your father told you: you must give respect to receive respect.

And humor.  Drinking and its discussion, musing, or other theorization should be entertaining, enjoyable, and lighthearted.  Perhaps a little foolish.  But nonetheless fun.  Remember – we drink for pleasure and the conversation should promote such an atmosphere. 

However, if comments do not possess these qualities and are off subject, mean-spirited, or otherwise inappropriate, the author (THF) retains the right to either edit or deny posting such comments.  Repeat offenders will be escorted from the premises.

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