The Cave Floods

sad pipe

When it rains, it pours – an adage of life everyone experiences at one point or another. When things are bad they often get worse. Bad news piles on more bad news; difficulty can never be uncomplicated or simply solved.

In addition to this time honored phrase, I’d like to introduce a new permutation, based on a particularly unfortunate event that only recently concluded:

It pours, even when it doesn’t rain.

That’s exactly what happened, in the most literal sense possible, to my basement a few months ago. The Man Cave, a terribly accurate nickname in this circumstance, had flooded. As happened to so many others (according to my insurance agent) during this winter’s record-breaking cold temperatures, a pipe cracked in my house, allowing water to gush from behind the drywall and onto the floor, soaking the carpet, some furniture, and a few books. Thankfully, the room’s true centerpiece – a framed 10 feet wide by 6 feet tall world map – escaped unharmed.

In the grand scheme, it was minor as compared to others the clean-up crew had seen. (It certainly didn’t feel minor at the time.) I lost no liquor and only a few books. The water was immediately dried and the pipe repaired; however, replacing the carpet and patching the wall (which was cut to access the broken pipe) took much longer.

During this time I had no place to sit and drink and think and write, resulting in several months of ordinary and uninspired drinking. And obviously, no writing.

Work finally concluded last week and I returned the couch, chair, bar, bookcases, books, and bottles to their old familiar places. The room, aside from a few pictures to be re-hung, was back to normal, with a fresh coat of paint and new carpet to boot.

So now, roughly three months later, the calm and comfort allow my thoughts and words mingle with the smell of paint, as they once did when we first moved in, but with a little added touches of age and experience. And lifelong memories of the first unplanned reconstruction project of our first new home.

Here’s hoping it’s a one-time event, but I wouldn’t bet on it. Because sometimes it rains and sometimes it pours.  Other times, it just pours.

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