Booze News, 2nd Edition

Last time, Booze News was Washington-centric.  Now, it’s national!  In what’s becoming a recurring monthly run-down of news articles and information of interest, here are a few news items for your craft beer and summer drinking pleasure.

Savor, Washington DC’s annual craft beer festival, has arrived and will be held this week on Thursday, June 2 and Friday, June 3.  Thanks to limited availability and, in my opinion, an absurdly high ticket price, I won’t be attending.  But have no fear: our friends the Lagerheads have cataloged all the other events outside the festival itself, so that “everyone has plenty of opportunities to taste many of the same beers being served and to meet several of the same brewery founders and brewmasters who will be at Savor.”

Peruse the Lagerheads’ article and events list, Savor Week 2011: The Master List

Frank Bruni of The New York Times wrote an overview of beer cocktails late last week that could well serve as an excellent Summer Drinking Guide.  Bruni’s summary first provides the basic two categories of beer cocktails – the michelada and the shandy – and then identifies several variations and cocktails within each category.  The result: a great short list of summer beverages certain to provide a creative and adventurous beer drinker with endless possibilities.

Another note: this was Bruni’s last piece for The Times’  Tipsy Diaries series.  I will indeed miss his inspirational and informative articles.

Read Bruni’s final Tipsy Diary Entry, Beer Cocktails in City Bars

Today, The Washington Post’s Jason Wilson penned an interesting article discussing the origins of Root liqueur, a member of the amaro family of bitter, herbal digestifs.  Following his overview of root’s history – a history involving American Indians, Philadelphia’s Dutch settlers, and pharmacist Charles Hires (of Hires Root Beer) – Wilson provides several interesting recipes that combine root with rye whiskey, applejack, or brandy.

Read Wilson’s Post article, A Liqueur Named Root

And finally, a question to you, the readers: would you enjoy reading a short synopsis of notable drinking articles, stories, and information on a more regular basis?  Should Booze News become a permanent fixture of The Hip Flask?  Let me know in the comments section, below.

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