Not the Swedish Chef

As much as the fumbling language, big hair, and overwhelming gesticulations would have you believe, it’s not the Swedish Chef (of Muppets fame) hawking Old Milwaukee beer on Swedish television, it’s Will Farrell.

Hollywood stars hawking products overseas isn’t anything new, but the combination of factors– Farrell’s 1970s-style mustache (straight of out Semi-Pro, a real stinker) and Lonely Island’s “I’m on a Boat”-like setting, sans T-Pain – make these commercials nonsensically hilarious.

According to Esquire (linking from, “Ferrell rattles off a few lines in Swedish — translation: ‘This is my boat. This is my woman. And this is my beer. Old Milwaukee. It’s all right.'”

After a bit more research, I learned that Ferrell has also cut several other commercials for Old Milwaukee broadcasted in limited areas only, specifically North Platte, Nebraska, Terre Haute, Indiana, and Devenport, Iowa.  These domestic-market ads are thankfully, no less ridiculous., on the other hand, apparently doesn’t find the humor of Farrell’s love of cheap American beer: “Ever wonder what celebrities get up to in their spare time? Making cringe-worthy TV ads to be aired in other countries, probably. In fact, we’re wondering if there’s an entire ‘Lost in Translation’-like backstory to this Will Ferrell ad for Old Milwaukee, which was broadcast only in Sweden and shows a sunburned, mustachioed Ferrell jumping around with a can of beer.”

I only have one question: Does Old Milwaukee truly intend to expand sales into Scandinavia, or was this simply a gimmick to increase sales here in the states?  Vi kommer förmodligen aldrig veta.

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