Best of the Worst, Continued

In my last post I argued that when confronted with sub-par beer choices, one should drink whisky rather than settling on a less-than-preferable selection.  This postulation received some criticism, namely that whisky is not an adequate substitute when one desires a beer.  In other words, when you want a beer, you want a beer.  An argument for anything else, I was informed, was a cop-out.

This criticism is fair – while I personally would be more than satisfied with such a substitution, others might not.  The question then becomes, what can be done?  How can you mitigate the distaste of bad beer, or preferably, make your selection something worth drinking?

It is telling that this recent problem encountered in America’s heartland is also the location where a few years ago I first discovered a solution: simply add an ounce or two of tomato juice to your favorite (or despised) cheap beer.

The resulting mix produces the aptly-named Tomato Beer, a quick and easy fix to improve the worst American beers.  From this addition comes body and substance to a normally weak and watery bottle.  And perhaps just a hint of healthiness.

The Tomato Beer, or Red Beer as it is also known out west, is clearly similar to its Latin American cousin, the Michelada.  However, the Tomato Beer is a product of simplicity, emergency, and efficiency, not a purposeful cocktail.  Thus, one need not worry about artful ingredients, sauces, and garnishes; a generous splash of juice in the bottom of your glass is the only requirement.  Should tomato juice be in short supply, Blood Mary mix or vegetable juice is equally suitable.

Now an alternative option is available when you truly want a beer and only paltry selections are present.  So have no fear when you are stuck with Budweiser and his compatriots.  Pour a bit of juice and add some substance, flavor, and color.  Maybe it will be enough to fool your tongue into thinking you’re drinking something better.

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